Practicing a fully sustainable lifestyle can be challenging, but we're here to help - and are happy to present to you the next puzzle piece: a phone provider with a positive agenda!

GreenSpeak is Denmark's (and maybe even the world’s!?) only telecommunications company that gives a huge share of their profit to initiatives with a good cause - starting with each newly signed up customer being able to choose a support project that GreenSpeak will donate 100,- DKK to right after they joined. And then you'll get an sms twice a year asking for your vote on who should get the big bunch of their profit. But that is by far not the whole story!

They also share many of our values such as equitable salaries, a CO2-neutral operating philosophy, and transparency. Do you want more?

Here you go:

  • Their prices are completely competitive (as in, amongst the cheapest you can get) while providing the same performance as the big players on the market
  • They have a great customer service
  • There are no hidden extra charges or fees
  • If they launch new products that are cheaper or better than your current subscription, you will automatically be upgraded - at no additional cost

Still not convinced you should check them out?? Ok, here is the really great news:

We are as of today an official support partner of GreenSpeak! This means that as a new GreenSpeak customer, you can immediately choose to support from their range of currently 14 good-impact-initiatives. We are super mega proud to be amongst them from today onwards!

After you sign up - and of course, this goes for all our friends who are a client of GreenSpeak already - you will receive an SMS twice a year with a link to give your vote to which support partners should receive the company's current profit. The money is distributed in proportion to votes, so if gets 10% of the votes, they also get 10% of the money. That way, it's always up to you to decide on how your money should make a difference in this world.

They already donated 350.000,- DKK - and that with 'only' 2700 clients! Imagine their impact if they reach the 10.000 clients-mark (which will by the way also allow them to pay a full salary to the whole team - up to now, half of them is still working mostly voluntarily).

And maybe even spent a second imagining how much money the shareholders of all the other - profit-oriented - phone providers put in their own pockets? Take action now and give your vote in form of the money you spent to create a better future! 

Here's what Communications Director of GreenSpeak, Mark Rasmussen, says about our new partnership:

'In GreenSpeak, we are committed to sustainability and new, exciting solutions to the challenges of today and the future. Therefore, we are very happy about the cooperation with, as they created a platform for creativity and innovation in sustainable solutions for a wide variety of problems, big and small. I am confident that both current and future customers will appreciate this new opportunity'. 

We have been a client of Greenspeak since the beginning, and we urge you to switch to them now - if not for us, then for them and any of the other beautiful support projects they have.

We are sure that by now you can't really find a reason to stay with your ordinary phone provider anymore - so please go ahead and switch! If you use this link, you will automatically support with your sign up. 

P.s.: There might be a last reason - you are trapped in one of those mean contracts that won't let you go before in some months. No problem - you can still sign up for GreenSpeak already now. They will take care of moving you over as soon as the claws of capitalism let go of you, so you don't have to remember to switch anymore. Isn't that lovely?