We all have those messy drawers with unused phones we'll never activate anyways - why not pass them on and shrink your ecological footprint and the same time?

We love the initiative of fairphone calling to send them your old phones to put them to a good use - and we herewith want to encourage you to participate!

Everyone has that stupid collection of partially broken phones that we did not look at for at least a couple of months, and probably won't ever again despite maybe when we're moving and wondering where the hell we can get rid of that technical trash.

Well, fairphone just solved that problem for you. And at the same time, they are putting your old phones to a really good use: if it's still working, they will forward it t people who really need it. And if not, they will recycle the resources built into it. So do them, us, and the planet a favor, do your part and send them your phones. They even pay for the shipping!

Just click here and start recycling for a better future :)