Sustainability is a broad term, and we want to accelerate change in multiple areas of society - our repertoire of activities is therefore distributed over 6 different categories. Here comes the outline & characterization of those 6.


The conditions of nature and biodiversity are continuously declining, mostly as a result of human activities. We want animals to live for a life and not for their dead, and we think that it is time to take responsibility for our planet, to preserve ecosystems and restore what has been destroyed in the past.

We promote knowledge about the impact of our actions on the environment - and solutions that can help us to turn the tide from negative to positive impact. The ecological footprint is our main measure, and the different areas of life investigated in that are our focus: housing, consumption (of food and all other materials), transport, energy and waste management are powerful places to start with accelerating change. It is part of our mission to #movethedate of the earth overshoot day further back, so there are enough natural resources for future generations to live off.


In our society, stress is the number one reason for decreasing health - and we need to actively review today’s lifestyle to counter the negative development and prevent ‘lifestyle diseases’ from spreading even further. We promote alternative & holistic healing approaches, as it is proven that conventional medicine has no answer to counter chronic diseases.

We support plant-based diets, without being religious about it. We want to make local & seasonal food available for everyone, and we think that a more balanced lifestyle is urgently needed to tackle the biggest health issues of our time.

We believe that it is crucial for our society to decelerate, because humans make better decisions when they have time to reflect about their choices instead of running through their everyday life to make ends meet. We provide space to slow down, support human connection and encourage people to question the status quo.


We all know that our current education system is completely outdated. We educate children for tasks that have been relevant in the last century - instead we should empower them to make their own choices and follow their intuition & creativity. No one needs robots that simply follow orders. We need individuals, who can choose for themselves and find creative solutions for the manifold problems that concern all of us.

It is about time that the public education system gets a fundamental update, so our children can flourish instead of wither in schools & universities. We focus on the concept of self-motivated learning and a holistic approach to education, and we promote life-long learning and development for everyone. Watch documentaries instead of pointless blockbusters, or come to a talk about new solutions and get inspired by our community to learn something new every day - it is fun!


Human connection is essential in making people thrive. We are social animals, and without being part of a community we feel lonely, abandoned, hopeless and depressed. In a group of people, we feel that we are part of a bigger picture and we complement each other to become the best version of ourselves. We want to encourage people to take responsibility for their lives and the world around them, and oftentimes changers are surrounded by a circle of people who did not develop that degree of awareness yet. At, you will be celebrated for your desire to accelerate change, and you will meet other people who decided to make a difference themselves. You are not alone!

We are building a community of open-minded people, where everybody is welcome to join. Women circles, pot luck dinners and changer cafés are our regular community building activities, but on top of that we offer much more for you to join in. As a member, you are welcome to use our community living room as your favourite hangout, to work on your own project and to connect with change makers for mutual inspiration and support. We want to encourage people to take action. We believe that community spirit is the strongest driver to accelerate change, and we decided that our Center will provide the space for it to flourish. The more we are, the bigger our impact!


The future is here! It is almost impossible to keep up with all those technological inventions, and it is a daily challenge to navigate through a more and more digitized life without getting lost in the challenges that come with it. We promote digital health, a more balanced approach to integrating gadgets into our everyday routine and holistic technological solutions. We believe that finding a sustainable way to life in a digitized world is crucial in creating a future worth living, and we are actively building solutions to do so.

We don’t believe that technical inventions should be reserved for an elite, but that everyone should have the right to use - and be informed about - the opportunities that technology offers us today. We support open source coding & a patent-free world in general. We have an active group of developers that work together in promoting that ideal, and we are always happy to welcome more!


Most of the things that are interesting, important, and human are the result of creativity, making it a central source of meaning in our lives. When we're creative, we feel we are living more fully, and without artistic expression our spirit is dulling and we become robots.

We think it is essential that we move back from being consumers to being creators, because only then we can be truly happy. Everyone has it in them, and it can show in all forms - but we need to actively encourage our brains to move back from the passive, consumption-based reward system we have been raised with, to the natural joy that we feel when we actively bring something new into being - be it an idea, an art piece, a scientific idea, a physical invention, or even a joke. Even those of us not in explicitly creative fields must continuously come up with new ideas and insights in order to move ahead. When we are stressed we can’t be creative, and a 40-hour-work-week in a non-creative occupation is the worst we can do to ourselves and the world around us. That is why we create the space for people to slow down and connect with their inner true being.