Dear beautiful people!

We are back from our winter break, and we have really big news to share with you - so many things happen behind the scenes, that it is hard for us to find the time to share. But finally: here’s a short summary of the most recent developments at the Center for Acceleration of Change:

  • Our Food Work Group aiming to develop a new online platform for direct, seasonal and regional food distribution in partnership with the Københavns Fødevarefælleskab (KBHFF) presented their concept to the KBHFF General Assembly in December, and they approved our proposals! So we will launch a completely new way for you to get hold of super fresh food - and skip the supermarkets - as soon as the development team finishes their work. Which leads us directly to the second big news:
  • We need more programmers. We at, but also the world in general. So starting already tomorrow, the 21.1., we are kicking off a holistic web development course here at the Center. If you are curious about learning to code, and want to become an independent and holistically trained programmer in only 5 month, you are warmly invited to join :)
  • Were you missing health classes at the Center as much as we did? We are super happy to announce that from now on, you can join Calligraphy Qigong classes hosted by Julie from Elm-Culture on Monday and Thursday afternoons. Give yourself a treat and try it out; if you are feeling drained then this is a beautiful way to recharge and reconnect with powerful energy. Your first class is for free!
  • Last but for sure not least, we are very happy to announce that from Spring 2018 we will host the Samsara Dance Club CPH community here at the Center! We will organize beautiful dance nights & workshops in cooperation with the Møn Retreat Center, and we can’t wait to spend some awesome Friday nights with you celebrating togetherness and true connection. More news on this coming soon!

Also, the February schedule is now online - it is stuffed with really awesome events hosted by our members, so go ahead and fill your Calendar to make a difference and have a great time with the community :)

Insistently hopeful,