I know nothing.

What I choose to believe is only up to me.

There is no point in arguing about things that have no absolute answer. Truth is subjective.

The reality around me solely depends on what I choose to be true for myself.

I breathe. How? Flat, deep, shallow, fully, slow, fast.

I eat. How? And What? What effect do I want to achieve from the substances I add to my body? Is it healing, addictive, harmful, escapist? What is good for me?

I move. Where? And How? There are unlimited options, and it is up to me to choose where I want to end up, and how I want to get there. It is up to me to prioritize if and how I want to be in my body. If I want to feel my body.

I love. How? And whom? Is love a limited resource? How can we not aspire to meet each and everyone around us with as much love as is available to us in that specific moment? Why do we cram our perceived experience of love in a corset of outdated believes, value systems and social structures?

Right now things are boiled down to the essentials. Nothing we loose is something we actually need right now. We need rest. We need to surround ourselves with the people in our life that are actually part of it. We cannot escape ourselves any longer through consumption and suppression.

I strive to be present. To be with what is, not what is not, what used to be or what I believed I need/deserve/lost. I am here.

This time of this year is calling all of us to go inwards. To realize what we actually have, and to find a way to be comfortable with it. Sit with it. Allow it all. Listen to the call to surrender into the vision of what there might come.

Our world is in pain. Transformation is at the horizon, and the system we used to know as ‘normal’ is disintegrating: things are falling apart, only to make space for something new. For something that will allow us all to live more in balance, and connected to our true nature. Where community rules, and mutual support between humans and our ecosystems enriches our life to a degree of abundance that no generation before us has ever been able to even imagine. This is the time.

Do your work. Take good care of your physical body. Welcome your emotional body. Heal your energetical body. And hold your loved ones dear. This is the time.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear hear breathing.

- Arundhati Roy