Are you an experienced project manager? Are you passionate about sustainable change? Do you always have ideas about how we could make things better and have an idea of how to execute these ideas?

We’re looking for someone to be responsible for:

  • planning and executing projects (we already have some ready to go, we just don’t have the resources to execute them)
  • conceptualizing new project ideas that would help further us in our quest to create sustainable change
  • potentially starting up and facilitating ‘work groups’ based on subjects related to creating sustainable change

We would like you to:

  • have experience with project management
  • be passionate and excited about sustainability
  • be good at working with others and independently
  • be open to thinking ‘outside of the box’
  • have 10+ hrs/week of time to volunteer at

We have some concrete projects we would like to get up and running, as well as A LOT of ideas that we and members of the community have suggested. We would love to have someone to help in executing these projects!

The benefits of being a volunteer:

  • Good Karma
  • Free access to many of our events
  • Being a part of making a change towards a more sustainable and better world
  • Meeting others that are passionate about creating positive change
  • Getting experience and CV recommendations on work well done
  • Opportunities to try out new ideas and have influence in a growing non-profit, social-economic company
  • And you get to be part of our amazing growing community

If you are interested, then please get in touch by contacting subject: Project Manager Volunteer