[Dansk version]

We have to get through this.

Even if it drags out.
And it probably will.

We cannot risk our safety,
just because it is too expensive.
It doesn't have to be.
There are solutions outside the regular box.

So we can calm down.
And concentrate on what is important right now.
That as few as possible will have to die.

But we also need the shops filled with food.
We need electricity and water.
And hope for the future.

So we freeze all debt.
And avoid the verge of bankruptcy.
We cancel all rent collections.
And maintain the peace at home.
Those who are home will receive a basic Corona income.
And can go to bed well fed.
Everyone gets free access to internet and telephone.
And stay connected with each other.

Everyone can go home. Almost.
Some must work.
So if you work, you get paid as normal.
Because we need the shops filled with food.
We need internet and telephone.
Electricity and water.
We need healthy nurses and doctors.
Teachers and students and digital schools.
Supporters of all kinds.
And credit card payments.

There is a lot of other things we may or may not need – the time to come will make us all wiser on the difference.

We can make it work.

We calm down.

We survive.

We have something to survive for.

Read our proposal for a sustainable financial aid plan.