Last weekend we made a call for action at our Center because we had a huge list of practical projects that needed to be done before the end of our summer break. And we got lots of help from our community to make it happen!

Our summer break was also meant for absorbing all the new experiences from our first year and applying our own changes, some of which required more hands, heads, and hearts.

We are thrilled that it worked out so great! The community living room (the big room) has become cozier and got arranged for casual usage in between events, and by drawing inspiration from the ancient art of Feng Shui, we brought more harmony to our creative spaces. By decluttering and ordering according to the cardinal signs, everything lightened up and to our surprise, we discovered that many things were intuitively already in the right place - always good to know that the gut feeling still works :)

We proudly check off our to-do list:

  • Building new racks for 3D printer and sound equipment from recycled materials.
  • Sewing covers for our new lounge area - and thanks to VIVATEX they’re even organic!
  • Replanting our bigger plants, and finding a final growing spot. Also, we adapted the home-made wheel bases for more stability.
  • Adding more racks to our storage room at the top of the stairs, and also decluttering and rearranging the space - it’s awesome to find stuff at first sight!

All of this magic could only happen thanks to a team of enthusiast who showed up to give us a helping hand - you’re awesome! Thanks also for all the great ideas that came up and the many enjoyable moments we could share with you.

Insistently hopeful,

Anja & Martin