Unboxing students is a range of educational or un-educational workshops, spanning students of all ages and taking an offset in holistic sustainability. The aim is to provide new perspective and raise awareness, both in common areas of individual life and on a larger political scale, for students of all ages, including students of the fine art of life and living it.

We provide tools and insights for a more sustainable personal life because we understand that to be a fundamental key to create larger changes in our societies. From the viewpoint of humanity: what good is it to save the trees, if we die of stress in the process. We have heard many desperate voices be publicly shamed for screaming and we have seen many activists work themselves apart to make all of us come together. Cliches come to be, for the painfully simple truths they convey – and we must be the change we want to see in this world.

We provide perspective and vision to political agendas, extend un-imagined possibilities and unbox students from the unnatural limits of our traditional boxes, imposed by norm, old fashioned political ideologies and self-maintaining institutions, tending to repeat only the known claims rather than exploring that which has yet to become.

The workshops vary in length, complexity and focus and can be customized to meet specific wishes. Over the years we have successfully held many wildly different workshops, some claimed to be mind-, eye- and heart-opening.



Continuously arranging workshops upon request.
New workshop contributors welcome.

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Martin Kæstel Nielsen