Stopknappen is a new framework for society. It defines a new democratic state, where stress and financial pressure has been replaced with freedom of choice and time to live and explore.

The framework has been designed as a big leap forward in societal evolution with emphasis on what we can do tomorrow – starting today – respectfully acknowledging the sense of safety that comes from life as we know it. One might call it a pragmatic take on Utopia. The biggest step towards our dreams we can possibly take without alienating the masses, because only united can we move forward.

The framework enables us to respond properly to both current and future threats to our existence (climate change, stress, pollution, inequality, refugees, armed conflicts, corruption, automation, etc – and well, let's include the until recently more futuristic one: pandemics) – without sacrificing our personal freedom and individuality.

Stopknappen is based on a yet unnamed ideology that believes in humans. It recognizes the potential of the individual as well as that of the collective from which we thrive. It takes a holistic approach to rearrange our current society and unfold it’s full potential. It is built on the assumption that we can achieve even more through creativity and collaboration than through competition.


In development.

A never ending process as society is (and should remain) imperfect. It is the quirks of society that is the essence. We are trying to provide solutions to the structural level – and the need for this is ongoing as society continues to develop.

New project participants are welcome.

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Martin Kæstel Nielsen