We are inviting all high school and university classes to learn about and look at sustainability from a new perspective. In this workshop, students are given the opportunity to analyse, critique and develop new holistic approaches to working towards a more sustainable future.

Unboxing Students is a series of workshop designed for students who can communicate in English. During the workshop they learn about sustainability from a new angle, and work hands on with different topics agreed on beforehand from a pool of 34 topics. The selected topics are approached through driving and guiding questions. All topics are related to alternative ways of developing our society: “Challenge the norm and envision a sustainable future!”

In order to save the world, a holistic approach is needed. Therefore the students will be enabled to understand the interdependencies that drive the world as it is today. Once the influential factors are understood and linked with each other, they will work on more specific subjects and be encouraged to rethink its underlying concept/conditions.


This workshop offers an opportunity for students to fill their potential by exposing them to, and having them work with, new sustainable solutions through:

Analytical and critical thinking

  • Reflecting upon the state of the world and current environmental and social challenges
  • Gathering new ideas on how to change the world to be socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, by bringing knowledge together and creating holistic/interdisciplinary solution approaches
  • Using critical thinking skills, and apply different co-creation tools
  • Investigating unconventional approaches to solve the big challenges of our times

Being empowered through teamwork

  • Working in a creative team with people from different study fields and backgrounds
  • Discussing diverse perspectives, learning to engage with controversial opinions and practice active listening and non-violent communication

Innovation by offering an interactive roadmap towards a sustainable world

  • By rethinking the world as it is today in a sustainable way we promote the exposure to new perspectives

Providing students with tools and information to take home

  • Ideas are linked to everybody's life, so participants will be inspired by new perspectives and bring practical knowledge home to be applied in their personal life.

This workshop can also be designed as compressed version.

On top of this, we offer short tours (1.5 hours) for groups of up to 45 people showing the Center, introducing our work on holistic sustainability and showcasing current projects.

What others say:

’The workshop has been an amazing experience for the students! The topics initiated a long row of lively discussions between them that did not stop for hours after the workshop ended, and i loved how they got inspired to think in different ways about the society we live in, and the opportunities we have in these times of change. It was a great mix of communicating theoretical concepts and group work and the whole process was facilitated very well. Thank you for encouraging young people to think differently!’ – mr. dr. Anna Meijknecht, Tilburg University

In April 2018 our Honors class from Tilburg University visited think.dk for a workshop on the Stopbutton project. We had the privilege to be welcomed at think.dk for both an introductory presentation and a subsequent workshop. Both events really triggered discussion amongst our students, as opposing views came to light. Our class really enjoyed the challenge of being presented different, more unorthodox views, on current problems, and to discuss them!' – Jack Arkensteijn, Organizer of Outreaching honors program 2018, Tilburg University

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