parentNode is a web development company with a strong focus on sustainability. It is a spin-off company established in relation to developing the Independent food distribution system, now running as it own entity, enabling us to engage in projects that serves the common good, but might not have a high profitability profile.

We're thinking about sustainability in all aspects of the development process, creating smaller footprint solutions that cater to individual needs. Our solutions are designed to use less power in the server- and client-side execution, consume less bandwidth and have a longterm maintenance profile. While doing all of that, we also focus on the continuous learning process for our developers, striving for everyone involved to learn something new through every project.

The large majority of our code is open-sourced and made available to the public for free. That includes our powerful and extensive toolbox, containing among other things Janitor, a PHP developer toolkit, designed to build custom content/data management and administration systems, Manipulator, a modular, flexible, performance optimized JavaScript library and framework for websites and applications, Detector, a device detection system allowing us to serve customized code to each device type and Templator, a unique HTML template model, that is Search engine optimized by nature.


Active, independent company.

Accepting new projects and clients.
Currently no open positions.

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Martin Kæstel Nielsen