There are so many amazing books out there that need to be read, but hell it’s a challenge to prioritize reading these why not do it together!?

The event

We are starting a book club so we can motivate each other to read thought-provoking books that inspire us. Collectively we can easily absorb and reflect about how these books give us insight, how we relate, what we’ve learned and how we can use the newly acquired information in our daily lives.

And maybe we can even see how the new knowledge can be directly applied to’s (and your!?) mission to create a more sustainable future - in a social, environmental, economic and cultural respect!

We want YOU to have an influence on what topic we should start with, what book we should read and how much we read before every meetup.

We will use the categories as orientation so our book(s) of choice should be related to one (or more) of the following categories:

  • Education - e.g. Alternative education, transforming the educational system, new insights on how we learn etc.
  • Creativity - e.g. How to be more creative in your life, the value of creativity, moving from being consumers to being creators etc.
  • Environment - e.g. What is the impact of our actions on the environment; how to shrink our ecological footprint - in terms of housing, consumption, the relationship of humans to nature etc.
  • Community - ex. The value of community and human connection, which communities affect change in a positive way etc.
  • Technology - ex. Challenges of the technological age, what is digital health, the potential of new tech for sustainable development etc.
  • Health - ex. Alternative and holistic approaches to mental and physical health, how do our diets affect our health, how stress and disconnection affects health etc.

This leaves us with a lot of possibilities, so in our first meeting we will together decide on the first book we would like to read for this season! We can also get an idea of how many people would like to join the club, and whether it may be an idea to create two groups – who knows what will happen!?

We will be meeting up the first Sunday of each month until June, and we hope you are looking forward to getting your noses in books as much as we are!

About the host

Rosa is the conceptualizer & event planner here at and will be facilitating the Book Club this season. She is a creative problem solver with a background in social sciences who loves learning about all sorts of different topics and issues, especially related to sustainability.

We know that she will be suggesting some Brené Brown books, but you are encouraged to come up with a better proposal ;)

Registration and Details

Free for everyone - we always welcome donations to support our Center!

Want to become a part of the changer community, support our cause and get free/discounted access to the awesome events we're hosting? Then sign up here – a Changer membership is just 100,- DKK per month, and if its not for you then the membership can be stopped after each month ;)