As a member or supporter of you join a community that works together in creating sustainable and meaningful projects. The core of our project community is openness and willingness to participate actively. If your time does not allow you to participate actively in project development, you are warmly encouraged to support us financially.

You decide your contribution. We all carry different weight in different areas. If you can afford more than our minimum fee, then consider contributing with a higher amount or increasing the frequency of your contributions.


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What you get from supporting us


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With a re-occurring membership, you get the opportunity to initiate projects through our platform. If you want to get the ball rolling on that Idea that has been roaming in your head that will further the development of society towards a more human and sustainable existence, here is your chance to do it! 



Last but surely not least – through your support membership or donation you will be strengthning the organization. Your contributions will help cover our fixed running costs, and allow us to engage in even more exciting projects in the future.

All Benefits are subject to change, modification, improvement or substitution – we count on your understanding for our contiouous efforts to improve our offerings.