Designed to make you feel like: Yeeeeah! I love being in this body!

Find strength, integrity and repose with Rebelle Yoga. A creative blend of Hatha, Yin and Flow Yoga with Sófía Stefánsdóttir.

90 minutes of leaving the crunch of everyday life behind and dropping into the warm presence of your body. Rebelle is here to make you strong, supple and feeling absolutely freaking awesome about yourself!

Hatha yoga with fierce warrior poses, graceful balancing poses and detoxifying twists. Delicious flows add the sweetness of moving with freedom and grace. And the dessert: Yin pulls out the kinks in the body and deeply rests the mind in long, yummy holds that target specific restorative physiological and soothing psychological effects.

Beginners are very welcome. Just bring yourself and relaxed clothing. We have extra yoga mats.

The yoga class normally takes place every Thursday afternoon. For more information on current yoga sessions please check the events section!

Price: 80 DKK, 40 DKK for members!