We screen award-winning documentaries on change topics.

Did you hear about that thrilling documentary on the true costs of clothes? Or that Oscar-winning portrait of corporate farming? You should.

You think documentaries are boring? Think again! There are lots of great documentary films out there, that are super exciting but still fulfill the purpose of a documentary: to communicate invaluable knowledge. How does the food industry work? What were the reasons behind the 2008 financial crisis? What's wrong with our education system? Why is Monsanto one of the most dangerous corporations in the world?

Unfortunately most of these outstanding documentaries are not accessible in cinemas, on TV or even the Internet. We aim to give you access to highly relevant information!

So why not just pack your friends and come by for a cozy movie night that's a little bit different? Become aware of and inspired by stories on the most relevant topics of today's society. Have more to talk about with your friends than the headlines you caught on your facebook newsfeed. Knowledge is power, and here you get it for free!

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