Liya, one of our members and our new intern, has decided to offer sessions for trauma release and emotional healing for members of We are super grateful for this offer because in order to explore and act on our human potential, our emotional and mental well-being are imperative.

MAT Technique

The Metaphysical Anatomy Technique is a gentle yet effective trauma release and personal development process. During a session deep–rooted emotional blockages and subconscious patterns will be resolved in the body without needing to relive or talk about any traumatic experience or to know the root cause of your issue.

During the MAT session key issues will be identified that are related to the client’s condition or block, who then feels into the emotion that is to be resolved and the facilitator does most of the work. You are welcome to contact Liya regarding emotional blocks, limiting core beliefs and physical conditions.

For more information on trauma and the technique please see Evette Rose’s (the creator of the modality) homepage and video:

To book, specify the duration and preferences then contact Liya via her FB page or send her an e-mail to

About Liya

Liya Soulsound has been on the journey of emotional healing and finding self-love for many years. Her passions are emotional work, women’s well-being, healthy sensuality, as well as feminine and masculine dynamics. She experienced various modalities ranging from shadow and light work to sound healing, breath work, bodywork, inner child work, embodied movement and tantra.

Liya is a certified practitioner of the MAT technique by Evette Rose and a Swedish massage therapist certified by the International Massage Academy, Budapest.

You are always welcome to connect with her at events, particularly the women’s sharing circle which she co-hosts, where you can talk to her about other services she offers such as; deep emotional healing, conscious touch and authentic relating, reconnecting with your inner child and the divine feminine within. For more information you are also welcome to visit her FB page.

Please note: all donations for these services go to and expenses related to the services provided, based on Liya's request. Thank you Liya :)