For too long, like many of us, I lived by default, taking the next obvious choice for the sake of instant gratification or apparent need. This led me to a job where I could not thrive, a lifestyle that encouraged illness, not health, and being deprived of time: for myself, my family and friends.

Eventually, my mind and body shut down with burn-out, widespread and chronic inflammation and a new state of 24-hour pain, leaving me in bed for months at a time.

In this talk, I will share my healing journey in an open, practical, method-based and down-to-earth way. My sincere hope is that you may find information that can be helpful in overcoming your own challenges or of those around you.

Look forward to seeing you at for this.

The Host

Leo is a cooking instructor and coach. After his own health crashed, he left behind a career in global marketing and sales and, over time, managed to overcome what looked like impossible challenges through simple, but deep changes in food, lifestyle and in his attitude to being alive. Leo shares his discoveries through workshops, talks and, of course, cooking.

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