Theme: Fermented

Together we will ferment! Red cabbage! And you will get to add what spices you feel like. We will learn about fermented foods, what they do good for and some history.

I will also bring some fermented foods for you to taste, and talk about your gut and bacteria.

The event

At Rosanna's workshops you will learn about the potential of fresh and dried herbs, the herbs you usually have in your cupboard, the weeds of the garden – what they’re good for, how to use them as they are, and how to prepare natural remedies out of them.

We will meet the herbs, smell them and taste them, while Rosanna feeds your brains with in-depth information about the specific herbs.

Rosanna is mostly interested in the herbs that help with creating the Good Life: how can we use the herbs in our everyday routine in a preventive and life enhancing way? What are the benefits of using them on a daily basis?

We will also look at common illnesses, like what we can do when we feel a cold coming on and how we can strengthen the immune system to fight-off attacks. From a general perspective: how can we get support from herbs to manage our everyday life?

Stinging nettle, for instance – loves Arthritis and women, but it’s roots are a real man herb. Why is that? And what does that really mean?

By attending this workshop you will learn the reasons why and much more!

About the host

Rosanna is a co-creator and calls herself a Herbal witch. She is educated from Urteskolen (The Herb School), a Danish school that teaches about natural herbal medicine, vitamins, minerals and food in connection with the body and the mind. The good life is her passion.

Find out more about Rosanna!

Registration and Details

You need to sign up by messaging Rosanna to and pay in advance through mobile pay to 27582157 (including your name and 'fermentation workshop'), as she needs to know how many jars and cabbages to buy. If you don't have mobile pay, then you can write her through the above email and she will figure out another form of payment.&nbsp;</em>

Price: 150,- DKK, (including fermentation materials), 100kr for members

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