Do you find yourself watching youtube videos, documentaries, Ted Talks or other videos at home that you would love to share with the world and want to discuss with others? Then you should definitely join this!

The theme of this event is Environment

The event

Have you seen ‘The Story of Stuff’? It's a great example of a short, educative clip that thousands of us wanted to share and talk about with others.

We know that there are endless more clips out there worth watching and sharing, so we decided to give them a stage and can’t wait to find out: What’s your favourite, mind-blowing educational clip of all time?

The evenings are themed, and sometimes we’ll be watching a bunch of videos, sometimes only one that’s a bit longer. But there will always be time to discuss, exchange and widen each other’s horizon: after watching, we will have time to talk and share our ideas of how we were impacted by what we saw, how we feel it is relevant today, how we can incorporate the new information into our lives in a meaningful way and brainstorm how we can spread the knowledge further!

Are you getting excited to share your favourite clips with us already? To help you evaluate if a clip might be relevant for one of the themed nights here’s a short outline of the 6 categories approaches sustainability from:

  • Education -e.g. Alternative education, transforming the educational system, new insights on how we learn etc.
  • Creativity - e.g. How to be more creative in your life, the value of creativity, moving from being consumers to being creators etc.
  • Environment - ex. What is the impact of our actions on the environment; how to shrink our ecological footprint - in terms of housing, consumption, the relationship of humans to nature etc.
  • Community - ex. The value of community and human connection, which communities affect change in a positive way etc.
  • Technology - ex. Challenges of the technological age, what is digital health, the potential of new tech for sustainable development etc.
  • Health - ex. Alternative and holistic approaches to mental and physical health, how do our diets affect our health, how stress and disconnection affects health etc.

Our film(s) of choice should be clearly related to one of these areas, but as topics are interconnected, obviously themes may overlap ;)

We’d love your input for this event, so if you have some awesome suggestions for videos we should see, then please co-create! Get in touch by sending us a mail. We’re very excited to explore, learn and get inspired by your suggestions!

About the hosts:

Anja is co-founder of and strongly believes that knowledge sharing is key to a more sustainable future. That’s why she LOVES documentaries! She is an environmental manager, epicurist, enthusiast and hopeless optimist, always with a distinctive desire to fix things.

Rosa is the conceptualizer & event planner here at She is a creative problem solver with a background in social sciences who loves learning about and discussing all sorts of different topics and issues, especially related to sustainability.

Registration and Details

The event is open and everyone is welcome. Feel free to bring snacks, and if you get thirsty you can get drinks at our bar.

Price: 50,- DKK, free for members.