We are thrilled and proud to announce another Special Guest appearance for this month's Live your Legend Meetup:

Signe V. Bentzen is an entrepreneur who has taken passion really seriously and she has herself pivoted her working live more than once to make a living doing work she loves and providing what the world needs.

Signes mission is working on removing the obstacles that restrain people from living the life they dream of living and her focus are intimate relationships. She is a sexologist, healer, couples therapist, group facilitator, speaker, tantric (yoga) practitioner and founder of the Flow and Grow Festival in Møn this summer. And she is an over all wonderful, knowledgeable, courageous and intuitive human being.

The reason Anders, the local host of LYL CPH, invited Signe to this circle is that he feels many people are struggling to find that ONE THING that is going to ignite their passion and be the work/calling/thing they can't not do.

He believes more and more strongly that we need to become more in tune with listening to our inner voices and living them out. If we fine tune our sensibilities, fuel our fire and transform our way of life to become more passionate, confident and intuitive, then the way we life, love and work will become more passionate and true to us.

We will decrease our tolerance to meaningless and soul-crushing work and start our journey from a place closer to our hearts and more in tune to who we want to be in this world.

Signe will share her personal story as an entrepreneur and we will dive into the more broad topic of developing sensitivity and following our passions to get the live we always dreamed of.

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About Live Your Legend

Live Your Legend springs from the optimism of creating your own success by doing something out of passion and defining your own measure of what success is to you. Inherent in this philosophy is the thought that if you believe in doing something that matters, help enough people and make a positive difference, and have an impact, the money will come to you.

We believe the world would be an altogether different place if we all did work that actually mattered to us. This way of life is more possible than you think, especially when you surround yourself with people who are already doing it. We want to welcome you to that new world – into a community where people are finding and doing work that they love. Join us in building that culture and that community, share your wildest dreams, get fired up and committed to make it happen and dent the world.

"We Don’t Do Things For The Money - We Believe In Everything We Do"

Live Your Legend is a community evolving around the site/blog http://liveyourlegend.net build by Scott Dinsmore - I recommend you to visit this website to get access to many free tools and input for working on clarity, vision, connecting and building momentum by showing up, overcoming fears, finding focus and getting s**t done.

For more info on the Live Your Legend Community, please read this.

About the host

Anders is a member of think.dk and local organizer of the Live Your Legend community.

Registration and Details

Bring a notebook and an open mind.

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