A holon organization - a Holonization

A holon is simultaneously a part and a whole. For example a human being is a whole with parts, like organs, that in itself are whole as well. In that sense an organization can also be seen as a whole with many whole parts, for example the humans working in the organizational system.

A holonization is self-organizing. The whole parts have autonomy to handle possibilities without asking higher authorities for instructions. This makes an organization adaptive and able to react to changes fast. Such an evolving way of working is able to deal with increased complexity.

A holonization develops its whole parts, the humans working in it, as well as the whole, the organizational system, because one is interdependent to the other. The stability and interdependency of holons provide the foundation for creation of larger holons.

Holonization is the goal and the journey. It is not only a form of thriving organization for increased complexity, but it is also the transformative process of getting there.

The event

During a series of meetups we are exploring the concept of a Holonization, look at the advantages and challenges with such a form of organization, as well as dive into suitable methods and mindsets for working self-organized. We will also reflect on how you can evolve your current way of working and create joyful, healthy and thriving workplaces. If you are working with or are simply curious about organizational development and the future of work this event provides the space for co-creative, experimental learning and engaged discussions.

About the Hosts

Frederik is a co-creator, who has experience with working as a maintainer in a start-up environment and building a self-managing, community-driven organization from scratch. He works as a consultant and coach for teams, companies, and activist organizations that want to self-organize as peers; setting up the minimal viable structures to collaborate harmoniously. His emphasis lies on transpersonal growth in organizations. 

Jens is a co-creator, who has co-created a self-organizing management consultancy that facilitates the paradigm shift from best in the world to best for the world. With his experience from initiating and shaping multiple initiatives in a self-organizing way and his passion for organizational design and human interaction, he supports the transformational journey towards joyful, emotionally healthy and thriving workplaces. Jens liberates the present potential in organizations through intentional design and helps building personal capacities to handle increased complexity.

Registration and Details

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