Get to know our Center, our community, and the goood beer we have in the fridge! Please be prepared to skip the small talk ;)

The event

We are usually stubborn towards joining traditional, old paradigm stuff, but this Friday bar thing actually makes a lot of sense to us - we have to spend much more time out of our ‘conventional’ work roles, and connect with each other as the persons we truly are. Or, as the Danish people say: let's have a drink together! :D

We don't care about small talk, though. We talk big – politics, religion, ecology, science, gender issues, and all kinds of other profound topics that keep coming up during our community dinners. 

We will also sometimes invite speakers to come and give a talk, other cool initiatives to share on what they're doing or perhaps having some art on display to spice up the evening.

Of course, you can also just join to catch up or to find out what's happening at

We serve beer, wine and soft drinks for fair prices - all organic and as regional as possible. 

Registration and Details

No need to sign up or bring anything except an open mind. You're welcome to show up with your friends :)

Free for everyone - we always welcome donations to support our Center!

Want to become a part of the changer community, support our cause and get free/discounted access to the awesome events we're hosting? Then sign up here – a membership is 100,- DKK per month, and if its not for you then the membership can be stopped after each month ;)