Yoga is now. Every week we will work together learning how to master our energy with the help of ancient vedic wisdom. This is not your usual yoga class!

The event

Sattva yoga classes are ever evolving and inclusive. The classes are rooted in the energy of the class collectively, so no class is the same.

The teachings combine radical and relevant wisdom in an integrated journey into Self with:

  • Hatha yoga Asana (physical movement)
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama (breathwork)
  • Kriya (expanding and liberating movements from ancient Himalayan Kundalini tradition)
  • Deepening connection and devotion through Laya, Bhakti and Sufi practices
  • The healing power of mantra-chanting
  • Freedom movement
  • Partner work
  • Soul-gazing and
  • Timeless wisdom :)

Each journey is different, some are more meditative, yin-based self-connecting “Sattva Serenity” types of classes while other classes are more dynamic, enlivening and soul-shaking “Sattva Wisdom Warrior” classes.

There are no levels in Sattva Yoga. Rather, each journey welcomes you to join as you are right now, honouring your body-mind in any given moment while enjoying tuning in to the class vibration.

About the host

Claire is co-creator and yogini. She loves to empower people to take care of their (well)being. As a Sattva Yogini mama she feels inspired to share the path of conscious living through yogic methodology. If you're curious, check out her facebook page!

Registration & details

We have yoga mats, blankets and pillows available, but you are welcome to bring your own. Wear something comfy and have a bottle of water with you.

You can drop in and pay on arrival, no need for registration in advance.

Price: 100,- DKK, 50% discount for members

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