By engaging in short daily meditation sessions, you can create a life of contentment.

The event

This simple meditation focuses on slowly becoming aware of how a calm mind supports being at ease and feeling joy in daily life.

When you realize the empowerment of finding joy, it gives you an option to let go of cravings and addictions and helps to overcome the continuous urge to make external demands.

Registration and Details

We will meet in the lounge of to sit together and practice the stillness of mind. The meditation classes are always conducted in a relaxed manner. 

Come join us as you are – we are all beginners.

About the host

Michael is a co-creator and has been on a spiritual journey for 42 years, since he first began meditating. He is practicing the training of awareness – Sunyata Vipassana, and it is his joy to share his practice with you.

Free for everyone - we always welcome donations to support our Center!

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