Welcome to Nature Tales - Collective Dance Therapy

A time to meet ourselves and each other,

Guided by the power of music we make healthy movements enjoyable and fun,

As well as deep and self-explorative.

The Event

When sharing a space of self-discovery through inner and outer movement,we create a holistic experience for personal growth and reflection, looking within and looking out.

Collectively we partake in raising the heat and energy in the room by being present in ourselves, our movements and the shared space.

Dancing is not just the best tonic against old age - It’s also an amazing tool to feel the state of the body, mind and heart.

Warming up with 30m Hatha Yoga, we open our breathing connect with our bodies, and begin tuning into ourselves.

The Yoga is for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

The Yoga slowly becomes dancing with an internal focus, utilizing Centered Movement* techniques, methods that focus the mind to the natural movements of the body.

Then we meet, play and recognize each other with Authentic Relating*- creating a comfortable feeling of familiarity, through a short sequence of social games.

And finally we just dance for 2.5, finishing with a short relaxation.

Thereafter we invite you to a Pot Luck, where everyone brings something to the table, food & snacks to share.

The whole experience will be guided by a flow of Live Music and DJ’ing, by Ishtadi & Respira

Expect a mix of genres centering around World Music, Organic Ambient, Downtempo, Ethnic House & Techno etc.


  • 17:00 Introduction
  • 17:30 Yoga Warm Up
  • 18:00 Dancing Authentic Relating
  • 18:30 Free Dance
  • 21:00 Pot Luck*
  • 22:00 Good Night
  • *Pot Luck - If you like bring food and snacks to share for the ending.


Jakob (Ishtadi)

& Markus (Respira)

About the Hosts

Nature Tales Journeys to your Nature A community, founded by Ishtadi & Respira aiming to connect human beings with their own external & Internal Nature. Through various practises awakening the body, fused with live music, the mind naturally quiets down and leaves space for the simple presence - the now. We create chill out spaces with modern body centred experiences and tools like Sound Baths, Yoga and free dance, supporting feeling oneself. By breathing, moving, meditating, studying, eating, cooking & cleaning together we feel the unity of being humans alone and together. 

Nature Tales production is based in Denmark, Copenhagen, and we have our retreat center; Arunachala Sound Temple in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. At the same time we’re travelling organizing Conscious Parties, Celebrations, Yoga & Sound Healing Workshops, Chill Out Stages at Festivals and workshops for business’ institutions and schools.

Registration and Details

Price: 135,- DKK, 50% discount for members

Want to become a part of the changer community, support our cause and get free/discounted access to the awesome events we're hosting? Then sign up here – a Changer membership is just 100,- DKK per month, and if its not for you then the membership can be stopped after each month ;)