We will be at GRØN KBH 2019 - Bæredygtig messe & marked on April 6th & 7th, so there will be no Changer Cafe at
Instead you can come and hear about us at GRØN KBH and a bunch of other amazing initiatives as well!

Are you curious about this mysterious place called Have you heard of us but are not really sure in which box to put us? Are you considering to join our community, but would prefer to drop by first and see if you fit in? Then we have a date!

The event

Every first Saturday afternoon, our doors will be wide open to all curious souls from 14:00 to 17:00. Whether you are just curious about what we do, interested in helping us grow and thrive (by becoming a volunteer), want to learn about the benefits of becoming a member of this community, or if you just want to sit down with us in our comfy space and meet the co-creators, then this is your chance!

We will make ourselves available to give you an introduction about our platform and the opportunities it offers. If you are itching for change and need inspiration on how to make it happen, this will be a perfect time for you to meet people who are just as eager to do so as you are.

You’ll also get the chance to have a coffee, tea or piece of cake on a pay-as-you-feel basis.

Feel free to join late or leave early - we will be happy to see you anyways <3

Registration and Details

Free for everyone - we always welcome donations to support our Center!

Want to become a part of the changer community, support our cause and get free/discounted access to the awesome events we're hosting? Then sign up here – a Changer membership is just 100,- DKK per month, and if its not for you then the membership can be stopped after each month ;)