Dear all,
the event on this date has been cancelled as we have not reached the minimum quorum.
Stay tuned for future dates!

Hari om tat sat


For whom is this workshop for?

For you who are open to discover:

  • The destructive and creative forces which concerns your female body
  • Authentic female power and leadership
  • Your own unique way to express the divine dance between Kali, the Goddess of fierce love and transformation and Tara, the Goddess of compassion, creation and abundance

What are you going to learn?

You will get acquainted with your destructive and creative energies through the use of

  • Hatha yoga asana: physical movement
  • Pranayama: breathwork
  • Kriya: expanding and liberating movements from ancient Himalayan Kundalini tradition
  • Deepening connection and devotion through Laya, Bhakti and Sufi practices
  • The healing power of mantra-chanting, freedom movement and timeless wisdom
  • Menstrual cycle awareness by charting your own cycle

Why is it important for you to become aware of these complementary forces?

  • Because this will lead you to understand and release socially conditioned sources of shame and guilt
  • To inspire joy, pleasure, sensuality and creativity into your life
  • To be able to make authentic impactful and empowered personal choice

About the Hosts

Diana Z Petrova has a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Health and her work is dedicated to women's sustainable physical, emotional and mental health & well-being. Her holistic approach is to integrate solid scientific knowledge with the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda. Check out her Facebook page.

Claire is a passionate Sattva yogini. She loves to empower people to take care of their (well)being. She feels inspired to share the path of conscious living through yogic methodology. Check out her Facebook page.

Registration and Details

Price: 450,- DKK, 50% discount for members. (Your reservation is confirmed once you mobile pay the amount to +4531171424)

Only 20 spots for this event. So be quick if you would like to ensure your participation ;)

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