Unfortunately we have to cancel tonight's talk – the speaker is sick and we don't want to spread a summer flu in our rooms. If he recovers soon we might schedule another date next week, which we'll then post on our homepage. Otherwise we hope to see you for the September talk instead!

The event

Stopknappen is a framework for how the state of Denmark should be set up to serve the people instead of the companies. It is based on a yet unnamed ideology that believes in humans. It is built on the assumption that we can achieve even more through creativity and collaboration than through competition. We believe that our current system is paralyzed and will not be able to deal proficiently with the challenges ahead, so we have to replace it with a better alternative.

That's why Stopknappen offers a holistic framework for a society and state, where people are in control, not least of their own lives. It recognizes the potential of the individual and understands the interdependence of the collective. We can relieve society of the financial pressure and improve living standards. We can have time to reflect and make better decisions because that's how we become better people. We can take control back and prepare society for tomorrow – and we can do it now.

About the host

‘I believe that the competitive society model is inhibiting innovation. When winning is the primary goal, we all lose. If we are to overcome the burdens ahead, we need to work together and share our knowledge. We need to dare to do things differently.’

Martin is co-founder of think.dk and describes himself as Ideologue, developer, writer and (r)evolutionary in spe. His need to challenge the norm precedes his sense of obedience - and for him, the stopbutton framework was the main driver to create think.dk.

Registration and Details

The first part of the event will be an introductory presentation about the stopbutton framework. After that, the discussion will be open for everyone to join, ask questions and share perspectives. 

Free for everyone - we always welcome donations to support our Center!

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