What is your role in the bigger context of global change, and how do your beliefs and actions play into it?

The event

With the world constellation format you can get you bigger questions answered, with each month focusing on a different topic. How can we transform the persisting inequality between genders, especially where leadership is concerned? How can we educate our children, without destroying their creativity? How can new technologies do more good than bad? And how does Earth feel about it all?

To find out, we will use the systemic constellation method but instead of using it for individuals (like in family constellations) we will be exploring the bigger collective challenges that we face (world constellation).

This Month's Focus: Female Leadership

Have you always wanted to dive more deeply into the different types of female leaders? What is our collective history, and what are our real stumbling stones? How can we overcome them? This workshop offers an amazing opportunity for men and women to explore female leadership from the inside.

We will collect all participants' questions and vote for the most urgent one. Through the systemic constellation method, you will receive answers not in the usual, intellectual way, but with a unique access to emotional information. You will literally be able to step into abstract roles and experience the world's dynamics in your own body and emotions, aided by our experts.

About the Systemic Constellation Method

The SCM is regarded by some as the future of coaching as it is much more direct and efficient. Developed in the 1980s to resolve family conflicts, it is now being used to shed some light on all sorts of systems and contribute to creating a more balanced situation. By revealing first- hand emotional knowledge about virtually any issue, it powerfully furthers your personal development.

About the host

Beate Willma is a multi-trained Coach and Facilitator of the Systemic Constellation Method, with which she fell in love the moment she met it.

When she doesn't work as a coach and facilitator, Beate walks her talk in her first profession as a conductor and producer of new classical music, exploring new markets and business models to create her projects in a financially and artistically sustainable way.

She developed the World Constellation concept based on different events she offered at think.dk, and we assure you the experiences and insights we get from it are absolutely amazing!

Find out more about Beate!

Details and Registration

Please bring your journal with you, as you might want to take notes.

It can take 1-2 sessions to be able to experience the full benefits of the constellation method. Please come with some patience and an open mind.

Free for everyone - we always welcome donations to support our Center!

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