Challenged to make ends meet? Having the dream but not the money to live it? Financially safe but stuck where you are?

Join this open money coaching with the Systemic Constellation Method to start turning your life around today. You too can achieve financial security and realize your dreams

In this fun and uplifting series of drop-in workshops, you can start building your strengths with money, especially if you haven't trained those muscles before. 

You will also gain powerful emotional insights about our collective money patterns through the Systemic Constellation Method – be prepared for a truly amazing experience.


What type are you when it comes to money? What comes to you easily, what are your potential pitfalls? I use the Sacred Money Archetypes® to allow my clients a deep glance into the money mirror especially with regard to their strengths with money. We will anchor your insights through some powerful constellation work.

About the Systemic Constellation Method

The SCM is regarded by some as the future of coaching as it is so much more direct and efficient. Developed in the 1980s to resolve family conflicts, it is now being used to shed some light on all sorts of systems and contribute to creating a more balanced situation. By revealing first- hand emotional knowledge about virtually any issue, it powerfully furthers your personal development.

Registration & Details

Please bring your journal with you, as you might want to take notes to keep.

It can take 1-2 sessions to be able to experience the full benefits of the constellation method. Please come with some patience and an open mind.

Price: 100,- DKK; 80,- DKK for members.

Sign up before each session through MobilePay 63311 (Fifth Element Coaching) or pay at the door.

If you already are a client of Beate, you are welcome to use your turn at the constellation work for your current goal even if it diverges from the session’s topic. Please let her know beforehand.

About the host

Beate Willma is a multiple-trained Coach, Money Coach and Facilitator of the Systemic Constellation Method, with which she fell in love the moment she met it. This workshop is the result of her 4-year journey of learning from some of the world’s most renowned teachers with money, many of them multi-millionaires.

To meet the different wishes and needs of grassroot changemakers, Beate has translated these teachings and methods into fitting a more green and holistic set of goals and has combined them with the powerful change achieved by the Systemic Constellation Method.

When she doesn't work as a coach and facilitator, Beate walks her talk in her first profession as a conductor and producer of new classical music, exploring new markets and business models to create her projects in a financially and artistically sustainable way.

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