First, what the F*** is a vision board?                                             

➔ It's a V I S U A L representation of your goals.

Digital ?

➔ You can have it on your phone, PC...

Now that we got that out of the way... It’s December 2019, Yaay! I want to ask you, how are you doing on your goals?... Good? not so good? or they are rotting somewhere in the drawer…?                       

Doesn’t matter the answer, we got you! Join us in making the upcoming year a successful manifestation of your goals and desires. I' am not Mary Poppins with a magic bag BUT I do have a magical tool. If, you understand how it works and how it's used, we will for sure blow Poppins's mind!


➔ Presentation: How & Why vision boards work
➔ Meditation & Relaxation
➔ Some writing: Get clear on your values & goals
➔ Creation of the Digital vision board (On PC)

What will you get out of this workshop?

⭐️ An understanding of how the brain works when it comes to goal setting
⭐️ Clarity on your values and goals                                                        
⭐️ Go home with a clear, precise picture of your goals                                        

In this 2.5- 3 hour workshop, we will start off with an explanation of how vision boards work, and why they work. Then, we will go a step further from the usual goal setting, by digging deeper into our core values, so we create a vision that is more aligned to who we really are. To achieve this, we will have a guided meditation, so you can clear off your mind and get in a zone where you allow yourself to go on a wild exploration of your dreams with no rules and no limitations.

After the meditation, we will roll up our sleeves and do a writing exercise, the purpose will be to spill out and write down goals that are dictated solely by our inside voice.

Now that we are all set on our goals, we will learn, step by step, how to build a vision board. We don’t want to get our hands dirty with glue and sizer cuts, so we will use laptops. Creating a digital vision board is convenient but also very powerful. Having that so desired ‘vacation’ or ‘fit body’ in front of us all the time is a game-changer.

You have made it so far down the page so following should not hold you back:

⚡Holy Saturday morning where you would rather sleep in             

⚡It's too cold

          ⬇⬇⬇        I      C A N       B E        P E R S U A S I V E             ⬇⬇⬇

➔  Check out the EXTRA fun:

♡ Snacks & Drinks to keep us warm

♡ Loads of hygge in our cozy space at

♡ Networking opportunity with fantastic people

About the host

Hey! call me Kiki, an unshakable optimist and a problem-solving coach. My mission is to help people experience success and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Through my workshops, I would like you to stop holding back and start crafting the life you so deeply desire. A little bit more about me: I am a certified health/life coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC, and my previous education was in finance. I decided to be a coach because I realized that my life cannot be just about scrolling through excel sheets and typing in numbers. Well! I do some other fancy stuff from time to time but working with people is what makes me feel alive and satisfied


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Price: 80, -DKK, 50% discount for members.                                  

Please sign-up in advance by mobilepaying to 29741750 (Maroua).


I guarantee nothing but a lot of learning & fun!

Much love ❤️