This is lecture #6 of our Holistic Web Development – Programming Course I. The lectures can also be attended individually.

UX is short for User Experience, and this week we will look at how to make sure that your solutions will be understood, and even better, loved by your target group.

Building web projects is about making your ideas available to end users all the way to the other end of the internet – wherever that might be. For that reason, familiarity and easiness for the users are key when building your project. There will be no one sitting next to the users, telling them which button to click or how to use your service – and if they can't figure it out, they will just leave your site and look for something else.

UX and prototyping are knowledge and tools to help you raise the bar and your awareness on user perspective, and in turn help your project becoming more successful.

After the presentation we will have an open table discussion about UX and prototyping.

Free for members.

50,- DKK drop-in.