A night where everyone speaks Danish.

The Event

think.dk brings together people from all over the world and many of the members are trying to learn basic Danish but could use an opportunity now and then to speak the language in friendly surrounding.

If you really want to get to know the culture of a country you are staying in then it is important to get to know the language.

Therefore we are now inviting you to a cozy evening at think.dk where there is one rule: Everybody speaks Danish.

På Dansk

think.dk samler folk fra hele verden, og mange af medlemmerne forsøger at lære dansk, men de kunne godt bruge en mulighed for at tale sproget i venlige omgivelser.

Hvis man gerne vil lære kulturen at kende i det land man bor i, så er det vigtigt at lære sproget. 

Derfor laver vi nu en hyggelig aften på think.dk, hvor der er en regel: Alle taler dansk.

About the Host

Mads is a co-creator at think.dk and a co-founder of GreenSpeak, a charitable phone company in Denmark, where think.dk is also one of their support projects. He has a background in film photography and is very passionate about the visual medium. He would like to spend his life making the world better. He is happy to be able to combine his passion with helping the people who really make a difference. He also has long term ambitions to help Denmark become much more sustainable, which is why he does the work he does.

Registration and Details

As this is a Friday night we will also have the bar open, so you can also have the opportunity to buy drinks and you are welcome to bring your own food to this event. 

Free for everyone - we always welcome donations to support our Center!

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