Man-made global warming and species mass extinction are facts, and we are getting closer and closer to the dangerous tipping point of our climate, after which our planet might become uninhabitable much faster than most people imagine.

What could an ancient religion contribute in a time filled with such unprecedented climate challenges? Does it even make sense to look for meaning and solutions in Buddhism?

And should Buddhists perhaps revise the way we practice our religion in light of the great ethical and moral issues that the climate challenge raises?

These are the topics that we’d love to discuss at this Dharma Conversation, an open dialogue with everyone who cares about this topic. You are very welcome whether you are a Buddhist or not.

The Event

To start the conversation, there will be two short presentations, each with a different approach to the topic. Afterwards, we will have an open Dharma conversation where everyone can share their thoughts and insights.

The purpose of the evening is not to find concrete and collective solutions to the climate crisis, but instead to give room for personal reflection and inspiration.


19.00-19.30 -  Andreas Doctor, “Karma, Free Will, and the Environment” and Adam Dreisler, “The Cause of Man-made Pollution”

19.30 to 19.45 Coffee/Tea Break

19:45 to 20:45 Open Dialogue

20:45 p.m. to 21:00 p.m. Coffee/Tea Break

About the Hosts

Andreas Doctor has been studying under the guidance of the Tibetan meditation master Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche since 1990. He holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies and has authored and translated several books on Buddhism.

Adam Dreisler is an environmental activist and life coach. His experiences in Bhutan led him to see the clear connection between Buddhist philosophy and the progressive environmental policies of Gross National Happiness. He has studied comparative religion, Buddhist studies and yoga philosophy.

Registration and Details

You do not have to register in advance to participate in this event – just drop in.

Price: The recommended donation for participating in this event is 50,- DKK. All donations are going to support the maintenance of the space, no profit made.

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