Uwe Lübbermann is founder and main moderator of the Premium Drinks Collective, a company that produces Premium Cola, Beer and some other fancy beverages. Only that this anything than the usual drinks company!

Imagine you founded a company without any Investors. From day one, you (as the owner) shared your power of decision making with everybody else; with the employees, with suppliers, with customers, with everybody. The results were devastating: No to written contracts! No to advertising! No to Profits!

15 years later, the company still exists, still sticks to these rules
and to many more which seem wrong, if not insane, by common business practices. For example, they offer anti-volume-discounts for smaller customers. They don't have any fixed working hours, no controls for working hours, no bonuses for good workers, and they don't have an office. And still, they sell to 200 cities, grow 10 percent per year (if quicker, they hit the brakes), and sell 1,5 million bottles per year.

Besides that proof of concept in the corporate world, Uwe has also become a consultant for a growing number of other companies and institutions, one of them being the government of the United Arab Emirates. He was also awarded one of 50 most impactful social innovators by World CSR Day in Mumbai (of course in absence, as he avoids flying). Uwe aims for no less than to push collaborative economy to new levels, very politely, just by doing it in practice.

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Subsequent to the talk Uwe will host a workshop on the topic of consent democracy - this will be free to join as well! Read the details here.