Uwe Lübbermann will share his experience from the Premium Collective in a workshop on "Applied Consensus Democracy and How to Deal with Difficult Decisions".

Deliberately non-hierarchical and communal decision-making process that involves every affected party directly leads not only to smarter decisions compared to what a single executive could achieve, but they are also generally more social, because all needs and opinions of those affected can be considered right from the start.

Furthermore, the required discussion processes only take up more time initially; in the medium to long run they become exceedingly efficient (and we believe: a whole lot more enjoyable).

The workshop aims to achieve the following goals:

  • The process for reaching a consensus is never exactly the same, but it is almost always possible.
  • Consensus decisions are smarter, more social and less stressful.

Each workshop is unique and has varied in duration between one and four hours so far, always depending on the relevant background knowledge of the participants. Potential modules are:

  • Role game on shared apartment decisions
  • Moderation techniques
  • How to handle difficult decisions
  • Experiences with the method, with informal power structures, exceptions, etc.
  • Difficult decisions from the participants’ work lives
  • Handling vetoes, handling trolls

We are very grateful that Uwe agreed to offer this workshop free of charge so as many people as possible can participate. After the talk there will be a short break before we start with the workshop.

If you are curious read more about the Premium Collective, concensus decision making and Uwe Lübbermann.