For this month’s Talk for Transformation we have invited circuLocal and Materiale Centralen to come and talk about what they do.


circuLocal is a new ‘startup focused on changing consumer habits, developing circular business models for local companies and making circular products more accessible to citizens.

They want to make people aware of their power and encourage them to choose circular products and services. They're convinced that if the demand is there from the consumers side then businesses will likely adapt new business models, being a large part of their goal.

Besides working with new business models for local companies, they organize workshops and are building an archive of circular services and products.

They will be presenting:

  • an overview of what circular economy is
  • some examples of circular economies
  • and how people can become 'better consumers' by making more informed decisions

Materiale Centralen 

Materiale Centralen is 'a network linking resources, people and construction for local initiatives'.

Their vision is to create a green supply chain, where waste is considered as a precious raw material with the potential to create and design innovative products. They believe that the output of society can be reintegrated and use of resources can be optimized to a degree where nothing is lost.

They will be talking about:

  • how they started
  • what it is that they do
  • why they started
  • and examples of events they've held

They will also be bringing prototypes of different products they've developed.

We're excited for this evening and look forward to how we can be more environmentally conscious, and the power or circular economies and re-using your 'trash'.

The Event

How could an environmentally sustainable economy look like? What non-environmentally harmful consumption alternatives do we have? How do we depend on the functioning of our ecosystems? And why is biodiversity relevant for our future?

In this event series, renowned speakers from the international sustainability scene are invited to share their perspective on contemporary issues related to environmental sustainability, to spread ideas and plant new seeds in your mind. They will share their knowledge about environmental issues, our role in it, if we can turn the tide and what we can do to change course towards a brighter future for our planet and everyone living on it.

There is always room for an open debate after the talk.

Registration and Details

There is no need to sign up in advance, just drop in and pay at the door. All income generated will be used to maintain our Center - no profits being made!

Price: 40,- DKK, free for members