Class 6: “Finding Your Creative Process: How do you work best?”

Everyone has a unique creative process, some like it slow and steady, other hard and fast. We will use the Myers-Briggs 16 personalities test/ Multipotentialite to help us understand the best way our energy is put to use. 

Knowing our creative process prevents burn-out.


A 5 month course for all who want to impact the world in a positive way for a more sustainable future: here's your step-by-step guidance from conceiving an idea to turning it into action and reality.

Everyone has a role in creating a better world, whether that’s in business, activism in our families, or in ourselves. No matter the role you take, like environmentalist, stay-at-home-mom, or accountant - you can be a leader of change.

Activate your inner potential and passion by discovering your deepest values that motivate your actions. Receive applicable creator and leadership skills to help turn your ideas into an action plan. And finally end the course with a project of your passion where you can share with your peers and beyond.

This is not a public event.

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