The event

In this open meeting we will be discussing which experiments to conduct in the near future – exploring new possibilities, developing new models, gaining new perspective and discovering and/or changing behavioural patterns – all to arrive at a better, sustainable future as fast as possible.

NOTE: We also have Stopknappen introduction meetings – for a quick introduction to the key points of the Stopknappen framework.


Stopknappen is a new framework for society. It defines a new democratic state, where stress and financial pressure has been replaced with freedom of choice and time to live. The framework has been designed as a big leap forward in societal evolution with emphasis on what we can do tomorrow, respectfully acknowledging the sense of safety that comes from life as we know it. One might call it a pragmatic take on Utopia. It enables us to respond properly to both current and future threats to our existence (climate change, stress, pollution, inequality, refugees, armed conflicts, corruption, automation, etc – and well, let's include the until recently more futuristic one: pandemics). 

Stopknappen is based on a yet unnamed ideology that believes in humans. It recognizes the potential of the individual as well as that of the collective from which we thrive. It takes a holistic approach to rearrange our current society and unfold it’s full potential. It is built on the assumption that we can achieve even more through creativity and collaboration than through competition.


Startknappen is the actual implementation of the framework in the state of Denmark. The what, when and where of Stopknappen. It uses the framework as a blueprint and ideological inspiration to create a crowdsourced Denmark 4.0. implementation has begun.

About the host

‘I believe that the competitive society model is inhibiting innovation. When winning is the primary goal, we all lose. If we are to overcome the burdens ahead, we need to work together and share our knowledge freely in the common interest. That is how a better tomorrow is made.’

Martin the is co-founder of and ideologue, developer and social activist. His need to challenge the norm and save the world precedes his sense of obedience.

Registration and Details

The event is a curated discussion on how to meaningfully and practically experiment our way to a better society. Pitch in with your own ideas – listen and learn from others. We will occasionally set an agenda for the meetings – feel free to send you would like to discuss.

Registration is not required but you are invited to send an email to and let him know that you are attending.

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