When your body suddenly starts to malfunction - it feels like everything else but you who is in control. These negative feelings originate from not understanding what is going on and not knowing how to remedy the situation.
The truth is that when we establish trust and understanding with our body, we are able to take control and influence positive outcome to our health. The methods and tools are so simple, that it is almost unbelievable! Ordinary daily food that we have in our kitchens can be used to create these magic results.
It is a little bit more than a cooking class and In order To know where you want to go, you need to find out where you are located first.

The total course duration will be 8 months with 1 meeting a month and 8 lessons in total. This is the first lesson of the course!

We know that health is not one perfect and stable condition, it is a dynamic balance between several aspects of what we are experiencing as us. When we are in balance or in good health, we have multiple needs, desires, and dreams.

When we are out of balance we have only one need, desire, and dream --> to get back into healthy balance.

In our first lesson, we are going to learn to identify the level of our personal balance. The purpose of this education is to create conscious communication and balance between the body and naturally available therapeutic resources.

You will do several tests to build a three-dimensional picture of yourself. All tests will be summarized into one holistic picture of your:

  • personality
  • body type
  • mind-body connection
  • bio-energetic balance (this test is based on communication of subatomic particles in the human body and supported by scientific evidence in biophysics)

You will also get the chance to be checked for toxic metals or free radical level in your body. After evaluations, you will decide on your personal goal that you want to achieve for the next 8 month.

This lesson will have no cooking section. We will start experimenting with food as a catalyst of our health from lesson n.2.

About this course

The purpose of the course is to learn how to use daily food for preventing and correcting existing health problems.
Special closed FB group will provide a practical working ground for
questions, experience sharing, and progress monitoring.
First lesson is the most important lesson! You will map you health and clarify your location. All other 7 lessons will be a direction of the way to the desired destination.
Detailed introduction to each lesson will be sent by newsletter and posted in the FB group at the beginning of every month.

Lessons plan:
Lesson 1: Health mapping. Only theory.
Lesson 2: Energy is the fuel of life. Focus on the function of thyroid gland, it places in energy production and what cause thyroid dysfunction. Food and recipes to support thyroid health.
Lesson 3: Energetic categories of food that affect our stamina and mood
Lesson 4: Stomach and digestion. Focus on information about problems and solutions related to the stomach and digestion. Food that can slow down or speed up digestion and improve digestion
Lesson 5: Immune system and daily diet. How to use food as a medicine .
Lesson 6: Hormones- daily food impact on hormonal system .
Lesson 7: When my body needs cleaning and rest.
Lesson 8: Food for pleasure and without guilt.

Price: 600,- DKK, 50% discount for members.

Disclaimer: Olga does not intend to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent diseases.