We need more programmers – we, at think.dk, but also the world in general. So we designed an intensive programming course we call Holistic Web Development, and now offer it to anyone with an interest in learning how to program – even people with very limited prior knowledge about programming.

This event is the official kickoff for the course. It is primarily intended for everyone who intends to participate in either the Primary (20 hours / week) or Secondary Course (all the evening lectures).

If you are interested in the course, but uncertain about how or how much, if you're not sure you are qualified or in any way are considering to participate, you are also invited to join this event to learn more.

Aside from an introduction to the course details, we'll serve a hot vegan meal and watch a relevant movie together.

Read more about Holistic Web Development – Programming Course I.

Free for members.

50,- DKK drop-in.