Surely, you have heard about Open Source and maybe you've even heard about F(L)OSS, GPL, CopyLeft or Creative Commons. But what does it actually mean? Who uses it and why? Is it relevant for people who don't do programming?

For some insiders mixing all these terms into one soup is a crime, but despite the almost religious connotations these terms all have Open Source in common. There is no time for fussing and fighting, my friend – any open is better than any closed. But what is open worth without freedom. This event is not about Open Source. It's about principles and freedom.

Most of us are actually exposed to Open Source programs every day – In fact it is extremely likely that you are using Open Source code to read this very text. So you already reap the benefits, now it is time to understand the concept. We believe it is the best way to develop solutions for the future and the Free and Open Source philosophy can (and should) be applied to many other areas than programming.

In this session we'll explain the ins and outs of the different Open Source initiatives. How can you make conscious decisions to use Free and Open Source alternatives and why that is in everyone's interest.

Free for members.

59,- DKK drop-in.