If you decided that selling your soul for getting rich is not your path, you most probably - temporarily or permanently - struggle to cover all your needs. Join this course to learn how to step into your earning power, thrive as a human being and fulfill your mission with more joy and ease! This is your chance for a lasting transformation of your relationship with money that you would normally pay a small fortune for. It is not about getting rich, but about changemakers getting support in achieving financial security.

Session 4 - Know the value of what you do – align with your purpose

In this session we go deeper with your three main Money Archetypes. In a series of experiential exercises, you will develop your relationship with money – emotionally, through your senses – and with the roles that it plays in your life.

Like with a hitherto unwelcome guest, you will be “spending time with money” and in this way practice the new, more beneficial beliefs about money that you really want. This is also a fun session, some inner adventures are waiting for you!

PLEASE NOTE: As this session requires some preparation, please contact Beate at beate@beatewillma.com to receive the relevant materials, preferably before 20 December or before New Year's Eve.

This is the last chance to hop onto the experiential workshop!
Each session is a deep experience in itself that will have an impact on your life. Yet for lasting results, it is recommended to join as many sessions as possible.

As we are about to dive into the core part of it, you can still hop on the wagon and transform your finances - in a sustainable way. For registration please scroll down!

About this course

We invite you to deepen your authentic relationship with money, so your true goals can slowly emerge and be refined as you proceed with your journey.

This brand new process is based on the work of some of the world’s most renowned money teachers and adapted to the needs of grassroot changemakers. We skip the millions and instead focus on helping YOU to achieve your more authentic goals such as financial security and well-being, more offline time with your family, and possibly some larger sum or income to fund your dream or project.

You will learn to engage with money through your senses, your emotions, your mind and your soul. After having explored this territory, you will see before you your unique path of creating a more secure and ethical future for yourself, and you will most probably be walking it!

The course is compiled of 10 workshops that supplement each other. The workshops will be hosted on every second Monday from 19:30 - 21:00, with the last class on the 2.4.2018. The session topics will be:

  • Making contact: What is money? For you?
  • Embracing your earning strengths
  • Know the value of what you do – align with your purpose
  • Your money type: a deeper exploration
  • Understanding your childhood experience
  • Drawing strength from your childhood experience
  • Setting boundaries with money
  • From your strengths to your income model
  • Smart goalsetting & follow-through – the bigger picture of your journey
  • Going ethical – what’s OK for you?

About the host

Beate Willma is a Money and Purpose Coach for Ethical Businesses and Individuals. Trained as a Certified Money Coach® (CMC), Life & Business Coach, Facilitator and much more, she is dedicated to transforming her clients into powerful changemakers who use their financial strength also for the greater good.

This workshop is the result of her 4-year journey of learning from some of the world’s most renowned teachers with money. As most of them are millionaire-minded and beyond, grassroot changemakers especially in Europe often have difficulties adopting them as a role model.

This is why she has reassembled their teachings and methods to support changemakers and anyone who wants to support the development of this world towards a better place.

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Details & Registration

To get most out of this series, please bring your personal journal to write in every time you attend.

Price: 100,- DKK | 80,- DKK for members.

Please sign up in advance by paying with mobilepay to 71 79 28 19 stating your name and the text 'money + session nr__'!

While this workshop is open to one-time explorers, you can expect tangible, lasting improvement when you are attending all sessions and complete your assignments. To confirm your commitment to yourself and save some money, we recommend you to buy access to the whole course.

You can now buy all the last 7 sessions for 500,- DKK only! Just send the money via mobilepay and add the note 'lastminute money for change' :)