The Event

We start the evening with a talk by the host. And continue with a discussion based on the theme: how is the theme meaningful to you in your journey to living a life on your own terms?

Theme: The Power of Ambition

To many people, ambitious people are pushy, self-serving and unpleasant.

But are we not obliged to make the most of our opportunities here? To make most out of life, make things happen with mastery and grace, and become the most capable and powerful beings we possibly can?

Can we allow ourselves to accept resources from other people so that we live better lives than the average if we get it given freely because we are of service to them, consistently?

We take a stroll down the path of enlightened self-interest eagerly pursuing the good life for ourselves through serving others.

To become valuable in the world we have to strive - so what are the 6 parts of developing ambition and what area do you need to focus on?

This is the take-off for our discussion.

About Live Your Legend

Live Your Legend spring from the optimism of creating your own success doing something out of passion and defining your own measure of what success is to you. Inherent in this philosophy is the thought: if you believe in doing something that matters, help enough people and make a positive difference and have an impact, the money will come.

If you attend meetings regularly the group will provide ACCOUNTABILITY and help you stay on track on your trajectory toward living WITH INTENTION and do the work to improve life and work step by step and FACE CHALLENGES with grit and intelligence.

"We Don’t Do Things For The Money - We Believe In Everything We Do"

The Host

Anders is a member of and local organizer of the Live Your Legend community.

Registration and Details

Price: 60,- DKK, with a 50% discount for members