Have you ever wondered why only a handful of people reach their goals? Why you might be doing everything the right way but damn, it just won’t happen…damn its hard!

You are hitting the gym 5 days a week and still no sign of the 6 packs.
You want to get that promotion or that fantastic job, but it slips through your fingers to someone else less qualified.
You bring your A game, wear your sexy/cool outfit, hit the town or go on a pre-set Tinder date but still attract the same undesirable type of men/women.

You might still be thinking that you are using the right strategies and techniques; positive thinking, positive affirmation, visualisation…good stuff but you need to dig deeper than that, you need to look at your self-image. If the story you tell yourself about who you are is unchanged, then no amount of ‘positive thinking’ will get you what you want.

Identity Shifting example:

You have a goal in mind, let’s say you want to lose 5 kg, but following can be applied to any goal.You prepare an action plan; going to they gym, cutting on carbs, eating more greens and dropping the sweets… you are good to go!             

First week, you are on fire, but feeling a bit crappy as well, completely normal. You lose some water, you feel lighter, you get more excited to go for another week or just have a treat over the weekend. Both ways, depending on the will power and temptations, you will usually follow the plan for a month, two if I am being optimistic but then shit happens! The motivation you had at the start fades down, it can keep you going only a certain amount of time.

Now, why is that? You did indeed have a plan and the willpower but your attitude, your thoughts and feelings towards losing weight and towards your body haven’t changed.In order to shred these extra kilos, you need to look at the matter from a different angle, ask yourself a question like, what kind of person do I want to be to lose weight?

Possible answer: A healthy person, a person who never goes 2 days without exercising, a person who decides to take the stairs instead of the elevator, a person who has healthy snacks all around him in case of cravings…

You need to sit down and craft your own identity, then a more natural/authentic action plan will follow. When you decide on who you want to be, there won’t be room for doubt and questioning afterwards, because you will be simply that X type of person who does that Y type of thing. This process brings a lot of peace of mind and internal alignment.

In this workshop we will look at some essential psycho-cybernetic principals, we will go through the process of identity shifting and do some fun exercises, so you go home and start shaping yourself in your unique way!

About the host

Hey! call me Kiki, an unshakable optimist and a problem-solving coach. My mission is to help people experience success and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Through my workshops, I would like you to stop holding back and start crafting the life you so deeply desire. A little bit more about me: I am a certified health/life coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC, and my previous education was in finance. I decided to be a coach because I realized that my life cannot be just about scrolling through excel sheets and typing in numbers. Well! I do some other fancy stuff from time to time but working with people is what makes me feel alive and satisfied.

Registration & Details

Price: 50, -DKK, 50% discount for members. Please sign-up in advance by mobilepaying to 29741750 (Maroua).