This is lecture #5 of our Holistic Web Development – Programming Course I. The lectures can also be attended individually.

Want to get started with HTML or just looking to expand your HTML knowledge?

Though all websites are essentially built using HTML, it is often a neglected part of web development, but knowing your HTML, its native attributes and behavior, is fundamental to web development – like knowing the type of bricks you use to build your house. If used in the wrong way, it will have consequences in terms of malfunctioning CSS or JavaScript, bad performance or low maintainability and durability.

In today's market we see a lot of search engine and performance optimization offerings which mostly seeks to compensate for low or lacking understanding of HTML. Because HTML is really simple, you should embrace it and you'll start harvesting the benefits immediately.

Get your HTML straight.

After the presentation we will have an open table discussion about the pros and cons of HTML.

Free for members.

50,- DKK drop-in.