Antibiotic herbs are a category of heat-clearing herbs that have antibacterial and antiviral properties and initiate a process of detoxification and purification of the body. Some of them have tonic properties as well, meaning they strengthen your immune system.

Comparing to conventional antibiotics which are made of living fungi (like fungus penicillinum notatum), herbal antibiotics are made purely from whole plant extracts with its natural content of alkaloids, enzymes, and minerals. These make herbal antibiotics more compatible with the body's physiological needs and lack any side effects.

In this course we shall look at herbal alternatives that could be used in case of acute symptoms of microbial infections, inflammations, pain and discomfort that are caused by external pathogens.

The course will cover the following topics :

  1. What are acute conditions?
  2. The most common types of acute conditions
  3. Different herbal alternatives that could be used for acute conditions
  4. Herbal Antibiotics
  5. Herbal diaphoretics
  6. Blood purifiers (alternatives )

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About the host

Olga is a holistic therapist, nutritionist, yoga therapist, and energy medicine practitioner but most of all she is a human soul with a passion to co-create a life that is fulfilling, sustainable and healthy together with other open-minded souls.