How do we want to work in the 21st century?

The way most organizations operate – hierarchical structures, narrow job positions and and centralized control – is outdated. 85 % of the workforce in Europe is not fully engaged with what they are doing on a daily basis. 1 out of 3 people have experienced at least one mental health issue in the last year, amounting to around 600 € billion of lost productivity alone in the EU. The way we work literally makes us sick. The system reached its limits and the price is paid by organizations, individuals and the planet.

“There is evidence to indicate that the poor organisation and management of work plays a significant role in the development of mental health problems.”
- European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

We find ourselves in a paradigm shift from being best in the world to being best FOR the world; from egocentric to ecocentric values. In this new paradigm people work for meaning, they follow their intrinsic motivation, their purpose, to create long lasting sustainable impact.

This requires a new way of organizing work, with self-management and transparent communication with all engaged stakeholders. A new way of looking at the organization as a living organism with it's own consciousness that evolves. A new way of seeing the whole person that is capable of making autonomous decisions and masters its own craft.

How would it feel to work in an organization where everyone is happy, finds meaning in the work they do and creates value and impact? How would it feel to create thriving businesses that are at the forefront of todays most pressing challenges? How would it feel if the members of an organization take ownership for what matters to them and the organization without bureaucratic processes?

The german documentary AUGENHÖHE (engl. On Equal Footing) shows that this is possible through the way work is organized internally in a company. 

It displays pioneering people and organizations that already work differently. Among them are medium sized companies who are the hidden champions of the economy, like Premium Cola or HPP Berlin, as well as globally recognized brands like Adidas or Unilever.

The film ultimately answers the question: How do you create healthy, joyful workplaces, where people take ownership for the well-being of employees, the resilience of the organization and planetary regeneration? Check out the trailer!

We're excited to have Magnus Christensson, our speaker for the evening, come and talk about his motivation for experimenting with alternative ways of working and sharing insights from applying Holocracy approaches (a participatory governance method) to his medium-sized technology organisation Reload.

On this evening, we will give space to be inspired, enlightened and to connect with other curious souls that care about the future of our work.

Registration & Details

Here's the plan for the evening:

18:00 check in & keynote

19:00 dinner (vegan & organic :)

19:30 movie screening

20:30 presentation, reflections & discussion

Price: 100,- DKK, free for members of!

Please get your ticket in advance through this link.

About the host

Jens Rinnelt is the Businesshumanizer. With HumanBusiness he is bringing consciousness to organizations, teams and people. He creates awareness about what unconscious agreements are driving people and organizations. Trough making those dynamics transpararent he creates space for liberating personal potential and organizational resilience. Jens invites people in organizations to go on an evolutionary journey towards socially sustainable, healthy and joyful work environments.