This will be a big meeting for anyone who is interested in hosting events, especially regular events in the next season at

It will be at the same time as our community dinner which is a bit of a shame, but this was the date and time that people felt would be best suited according to availability, so we're running with it ;)  

If you would like to have event's next season than this is definitely the meeting to come to. 

We ask you that you have the following things in place before attending:

  • a general description of the event(s) you want to host (remember it should somehow be addressing sustainable change from either an environmental, social, cultural or economic perspective)
  • You have two Backers
  • You make sure that you agree to the conditions of hosting events at

The aim is to have this meeting in the office in the back, so let's see if this is possible. Otherwise we will try and figure something out in the main room, without disturbing the community dinner too much. 

Looking forward to what the next season will bring!